We take care
of everything


Real estate development is more than just construction; it combines planning, coordination and improvisation. But also close consultation with stakeholders and solving bottlenecks. All tasks you can leave to us with complete confidence. Complex problems are challenges we  are happy to invest in. Without burdening your organisation too much, we will keep you informed of the progress and provide advise on the various possibilities moving forward. Clear, timely and honest.


We accept assignments as a delegated developer or on a turn-key basis. In this, we will completely unburden you and guide the project from initiative to realisation and management. Naturally, always in close cooperation with the client and end user.


In case of new construction, renovation and demolition projects, the project manager acts as your sparring partner in all matters of interest, such as risks, procedures, permits, procurement, contract formation and financial matters. A flawless and smooth progress of the entire process is our primary task. We prefer to do this from the initial phase to aftercare.


The director aligns the work of the architect, advisors and contractors. In addition, he is responsible for a broad set of tasks, such as  general supervision of the construction project, chairing of construction meetings, monitoring of progress, quality, procedures and contractual principles. The assessment of the contractor’s additional or less work, guiding of supervisors, maintenance of contact with government agencies and utility companies, checking of the term and final payments and the delivery of the final projects are also part of this.


In the market of infrastructure, space and real estate, a lot of work is performed on a project basis. However, in some cases there may be a lack of specialist knowledge or capacity, which may cause projects to slow down or stagnate. We provide, by means of project contracting, the necessary capacity and/or knowledge and expertise.


The repurposing of empty real estate often requires a creative perspective and collaboration with market-leading partners. We can establish these partnerships and create a temporary or definitive, sustainable operation together.